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Release date : 29/07/2008

Duration : 0:04:24

Style : Rock

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I wanted it all, but couldn't get it all under control
Didn't realize how much i could lose this way
I'm cleansing my soul in the light, trying to get innocent
Will you lead me straight, or will i lose my faith

Faith, without faith, i will fail, without faith

Carved out of flesh, this is who you made
I have come to find i was never on my own
I'm trying too hard to claim originality
Still i'm no one new, i'm just like you

I always wanted it to be something different
I never wanted to be something other than me

Now it's come to this and i've not proved wiser than before
Neverending struggles wear different faces

The higher i climb, the harder i fall
And i've never found a way to break down softly
But the stars explode and help me reach the other side
That takes me from, what i've become

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