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Mc Chris

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Release date : 27/05/2008

Duration : 0:01:42

Style : Hip Hop/Rap

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Have you ever met a girl
And you thought she was dope?
And you wanna buy her a popcorn
And a medium coke?
But when proximity's close,
You close up shop and you choke.
Time to write thank you note to
(to dear old dad) for the cloak.

She's really cute
(and her hair is luminesent)
I fight the urge to smell her,
Cuz you know she'd get to steppin'.
But, to just observe
From across the way.
If i was working eb games
Girl, you would not pay.

I'm nice, and i'm sweet
And i shower twice a week.
Kids diggin' on my speak
Cuz i represent the geeks.
But, i'm really hella cool
And i had sex before.
So, don't fidget with your digits
Ain't no textin' whore.

We'll i'm fallin',
And i can't get up.
Girl, i love you.
Yeah, i got a crush.
I'm on mushrooms
And i lost my lunch.
And i don't think i can make it home alone.

I stare at my shoes
And i look away.

Cuz, i think you're kinda cute,
And i like your face.
One day we might embrace.
And i'll have to have my boner
You don't wanna do it doggy,
I'm a rebel and a loner.

I'm a rap superstar
With a mic in my hand.
But, i can't talk to girls,
Unless that girl is a fan.
But, yo, i got a plan.
I love when it when it comes together.
We'll get married and have babies,
And we'll all wear matching sweaters.

Yes, i'd do her
If i knew her.
This is ???? my computer
She don't need another stalker
Or intruder to persue her
She don't need a guy like me
Who's favorite movie's starship troopers
Why don't you kill me, baby?
It's because i am a loser.

I'm a winner, just beginning to
Roll up my sleeves.
Roll up next to me
I can't breathe and i wheeze.
Hi, my name is mc,
What's your's? that's great.
Want you in the worst way.
This is our first date.


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