Lyrics of Finished with you

The Eyeliners

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Release date : 25/09/2001

Duration : 0:02:12

Style : Alternative

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Look at you - you're such a sight to see
Do you know what you think or who you want to be?
You bring me down with negativity
You've got a lot to say, but no credibility

Do you think you left me broken hearted?
You should know that it's not so easy to do
I always try to finish what i've started
All i know is that i'm finished with you

I bet you'll tell me what you're thinking of me
But i don't care, i know who i want to be
Your opinions lack sincerity
As you try to stay true to your stupid philosophy


I think i finally figured it out
And now i know what you're all about
You've opened my eyes and now i can see
With friends like you, who needs enemies?


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