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It’s when i did this trip in london
That i met those cats
Hiding in an old cold factory called
“koxy koxy” in the city
Blue strange there was some people
For some cold weird night
Stuffs like white faces against
Big boss bad boss poor boss
Black eyes, sad stories or sad life
It’s quiet the same
And then i took the sweets for
The cool guys we were, together
Just thinking
Of the fix, for the fix, to the fix, in the fix
And i found that the texture was right
Something like hot and spicy
“sure baby, the hole bottle of the fix”
One drop, two drops, right there
We put in, down our veines
Blood is alive

From red to dark, from bridge to nut
The tones collides and sound the joyous air
And yet and yet
It told me how to breath and what to say
The world is such a place to fix
Where cats drinks skys, and dolls fuck like tease..

With drugs
Wich snakes
All around
With the down
Wich grow
Raped by dark

Underground he says, we go deeper

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