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The Faint

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They were partners in crime
When the wife admits
That her son had been taking what the neighbors have missed
There's a law in the city
And it's clear as a nail
You don't blame who you have
You just take who you steal
But nobody told him that "it's up to you deciding
You're getting the lock
Or giving it"
His family moans in disapproval
It's damaging but not threatening
The partners in crime
Were ahead at the finish
The p.i. started detecting where the family had lived
And his jaw started to squeak
And the kid started to spill
He attached to the manila
That he had hired them all
The lieutenant underestimated his need for notoriety
He spilled when they told him
It was "up to you deciding, you're getting the lock or giving it"
His family moaned

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