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Kevin Costner & Modern West

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Release date : 09/09/2013

Duration : 0:03:5

Style : Country

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Sometimes i wake up and i, want to take a drive
Just to feel the highway and know i'm still alive
Lately it seems like i can't get up to speed
Don't know what i want, don't know what i need

I'm waiting for the lights to change
In my head it's, green to red and back to green
I'm not myself these days
And i don't know what it means
But i am waiting for the lights to change

Seems like we always get caught up in the, same ole race
A little fear is the, passing years and the empty chase
Then we come up cold, in the middle of nowhere
Fighting hard to breathe, fighting hard for air

A little push, a little shove, a little luck, a little love

And then the past goes past, and we survive
With our hearts still beating
And we know we are still alive
A little sunshine and, we're right back again
And we forget, just , where we've been

Waiting for the lights to change...

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