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S Club 8 (s Club Juniors)

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You took me up, drew me in
Like a moth into your flame
Put your jinx in a deadly kiss
Your body locked me down in chains.
Didn't read the danger signs
'til you crept into my mind
Made me believe you were so in love
I was mesmerized.

Fell down to earth now baby
I heard my wake up call
You're not a high i can't get off.

Too little too late girl
Didn't know what you had 'til it's gone
(don't tell me you're sorry now)
Too little too late girl
Can't get back what's already lost
Now you're alone

I still see your reflection in
A corner of my head
You're the tainted mirror image
That my heart has to reject
So i've gotta keep my distance
When you tell me you can change
You can't burn me
With the heat of your love
Cos i've put it in the shade

Nothing you can do can phase me
Since i got my wake-up call
You can't do your damage like before

(back to chorus)

Can't turn back the clock
Can't make momentum stop
And every time i look at you
I hesitate
I get a trigger in my mind
That makes me rewind
And remember how you blew my heart away

(repeat chorus to fade)

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