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Iron Solomon

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The king
The crown
The throne
The majesty
Call me your heiness
No one could rule this round but me
The king shall remain supreme 'til kingdom come
All hail the king
A statue in stone i got caesar's stature
The queen i've captured it's cleopatra
Shots at the throne better reload faster
Better read your chapters
See your pastor
My squad gettin' hits i'm the clean up batter
Out the park every pitch i don't need no catcher
A bully in the paint my team go at'cha
I hit the tying points and the free-throw after
And 1
My shot is water
My dribble is struggle
In a single quarter
Catch a triple double
I'm a sore winner
Play the sport better
King amongst court jesters
This is full court pressure
A leader in a league of my own
Wanna do me like brutus did caesar in rome
Double cross me like judas did jesus but no
You could never get the keys to my throne
King kong king cobra
King of the jungle
Throw 'em over ropes out the ring when i rumble
Battle royale clash of the titans
I'm in my own weight class when i'm fighting
All hail the monarch's name it's monsoon season can't stop my reign
The air is my sun with a seat in the sky
Your king your heiness the chief of the tribe
Protect my pride
Murder piece of the pie
Got my mink in check
Keep my queen by my side
Aint a pawn callin' moves from the castle
I'm on the front line drawin' troops into battle
A seat in the palace but i eat with the commoners
Practice what i preach but take the lead from my followers
Honored by the loyalty
Loyal the infantry
Win the war and share the spoils of the victory