Il testo della 2:10 train

Linda Ronstadt

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Well, i woke up this morning, woah oh
And the sun refused to shine
I knew i'd leave my, baby oh
With a troublin' mind

It rains every morning, oh
And evening is the same
And it's gonna be a long time, oh
'til i hear the 2:10 train

Well, i looked out my window, oh
And i couldn't keep from cryin'
I knew the old 2:10, oh
Would take me down the line

That driver on that engine, oh
Well, he ain't no friend of mine
He's taken all the women, oh
And he's left the men behind

Well, now he won't be leaving big ben, oh
For another seven years
I'm gonna find another, baby oh
To laugh away my tears

When i get back to houston, woah oh
I'm gonna shout and tell
How the big ben bought 'em, oh
It's a living burning hell

Now when your lovin' baby leaves you, oh
Don't you feel so bad
It makes you think about the good times, oh
With the one time man you've had

He's crying, "don't leave me here, baby
Shackled to a chain
But let me ride down with you, oh
Along the 2:10 train"

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