Il testo della 4 litres

Frenzal Rhomb

pochette album 4 litres
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Data di rilascio : 05/04/2005

Durata : 0:02:14

Stile : Pop

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Comes in a box
It will fuck you up
It speaks so softly to you
Tell you to have a sup
It's moselle, chablis, ros, reisling
When you think it's gone
Well you know it's not
Just blow it up
Because you know it's all you've got
It's cheaper than the box it comes in
4 litres...
Choke on number 1
Retch on number 2
When four comes around you know that it's all good news
Only buy claret if it's the last goon in the shop
4 litres...
Sup the goon
Sup it

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