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On the eve of a christmas night-
(chorus :) a christmas night, a christmas night,
The angels sing in unison-
(chorus :) in unison, in unison,
Flapping their bright lavender wings-
(chorus :) lavender wings, lavender wings;
Golden halos light up the sky-
(chorus :) light up the sky, light up the sky.

Mistletoes hang onto branches-
(chorus :) onto branches, onto branches;
Berries dangle in crimson joy-
(chorus :) in crimson joy, in crimson joy;
Tiny flakes fill the air with white-
(chorus :) the air with white, the air with white,
Silently, they land upon ground-
(chorus :) land upon ground, land upon ground.

In my heart, the jingle of harps-
(chorus :) jingle of harps, jingle of harps;
It wakes all my tiny rubies-
(chorus :) tiny rubies, tiny rubies.
I feel happy like a young dove-
(chorus :) like a young dove, like a young dove,
Tasting the white jades of yuletide-
(chorus :) jades of yuletide, jades of yule tide.