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God, save the captain, he's got a wife at home
And quite a few children, you can't let them live alone
Oh, i'll go down yelling or quiet if you like
But please save the captain, you see, i've got no wife waiting for me
God, save the admiral, he's got the mind to lead
And the country needs him, she's got more ships to fleet
Oh, i'll go down yelling or quiet if you like
But please spare the admiral, you see, i've got no lives to lead to the sea

Don't try to tell me who to save or kill
I've got my own mind, you know
And i'll do what i will
I'll do what i will
You know, i will!

I'll kill the captain if it's his time, my boy
I'll take the admiral too, and if you're not cool
I'll take you.

I'm sorry, lord, you know what's best, but please would you at least spare the cook?
I'm very hungry, and by the looks of this ship
I'm gonna starve!
I'm gonna starve!

Well the ship went down
To the bottom of the sea
And the only ones left
Were the fat cook and me
So i looked to the sky with a smile
In my eye
Caught a glimpse of the dude
And started singing

I'm sorry lord that i doubted you
Oh, babe you really came through
And i thank you, i thank you!!
I thank you
I thank you ... lord

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