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Crime In Stereo

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Data di rilascio : 25/03/2014

Durata : 0:03:27

Stile : Punk

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It's safe to say there are darker things in the streets these days than kids with guns and moms on drugs, things that we don't let on. and if you're "free", then take to the city streets with your god-given speech, screaming, "fuck the police." you can see the state getting armed for the new class war. perpetuate divide and say that it's the law. there are blacker things living deep in all our hearts, darker things in our hearts than we let on. and it's safe to say there are darker things in the street these days than darker skies and getting high. things that control our lives. the priests were all demoted and released. check the property value. the neighbors didn't even mind. doesn't anyone want to start again? create a new aesthetic for the new american. not state traitors taking, day trading and date raping to their hearts' content. as the work day ends, i laid down so tired...
I woke up awakening.

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