Il testo della Affection

Ophelie Winter

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If u treat me like ur goddness
Am gona treat u like my hottest
Imediatly, no holdin'back
I ll keep u right here in my pocket
Hypnotised, the base is knockin'
U re up on me, gat me gat me
U re up on me gat me goin"!!

Ooh this club affection
Goes a thousand miles an hour
Gat my arms around u

I ain't never letting go
Of this club affection, affection, affection
Of this club affection, affection, affection

If i treat u like a king
Would u come home with me?
Imediatly, no holding back?
Right here n this song, mesmorized by ur swagg
U got ur luv pre-pressed up on me
Baby keep this luv thing goin'

(refrain x2)

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