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Data di rilascio : 21/04/2014

Durata : 0:03:28

Stile : Alternative

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Agatha was beautiful
Her long, black hair and aching eyes
Even when she didn't feel so good
She look alright
She always had her smile
And it was good for a while

I wouldn't answer each time the phone rang
But i should've stayed with agatha chang

Agatha, she wasn't mean
She didn't cheat, she never lied
Even if she disagreed with you
It wasn't a fight
Made you feel like you're both right
But then i lost sight

I couldn't bear to break up my old gang
But i should've stayed with agatha chang

What was so important then?
I haven't a clue
How could i have been so blind and cruel?

Agatha, where did you go?
Do i have the slightest chance?
I could make up for everything that i did wrong
But i know it's just a song
And you're probably long gone

Forgot all about her each night that i sang
But i should've stayed with agatha chang

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