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Public Enemy

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Data di rilascio : 04/12/2006

Durata : 0:02:43

Stile : Hip Hop/Rap

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(ali speaking)
Im young, im handsome, im fast im pretty and can't possibly be beat

(chuck d)
My son rises at the east off kentucky fried streets
Cest ashuffle?? the feets match the beats
Get used to me though like a fantasy
Strong in reality molded from clay in the alley
Whether the whole world was a stage or a ring or a alley
Stood up for the hood of a power to the rally
Stand up for rights left the congress
Right heres to the man who never left
Muhammed ali dont take no mess
Black inspiration to the whole rest of the nation
And the rest of the world shook up the world
All the men, women boys and the girls
Allow acbau?? is to who 'cause
God is good and god is cool
Thats all that is just dont get it confused
Get used to me so what's my name fool?
(oh my goodness! its muhammed ali! im the king!)

Holds his hands too low, dance too much
Talks too much yeah yall could call it what you want
Cant feed me then you dont need me
Dont squeeze me cant house me but never doubt me
Till im gone to the break of dawn
Revelution in the house uhh rock on
Rumble cmon your man rumble
Im gone! (sunny and george) in the jungle
Down goes racism gotta beg my legs
Thin line between a athlete and a slave
Beyond a box changed the whole game
Get used to me now whats my name?

Refused to lose talk too much to lose
Can i box and gas in the anti-war stance?
Im in no circumstance see a damn thing wrong
With vietnam in his words "viet-kong"
So here goes the ali circus closed circut
Call it what you want 'cause were gonna work it
In order to lead the people you gotta love the people
To save the people you gotta serve the people
To teach the people you better reach the people
The greatest of all-time power to the people
Caudrun analysis power of the fist
Can you get with this swung arm slip you happen to miss
They converted to those that never heard it
The burden is disturbing history is hurtin
Even let goshow get a word in on the action
Heres a whoopin on mass distraction c'mon!
(aaaaaaaaaaaaliiiiii!) (x2)

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