Il testo della Alien


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Data di rilascio : 19/07/2011

Durata : 0:03:08

Stile : Rock

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It come to earth three years ago from deep in space
A brilliant u.f.o.! i could not believe it
Refuge! i let it stay with me a while
Stupid! now i wish that he would go

Alien, alien - he's a drunkard
Alien, alien - he ate my food

Consumed my chow 'til nothing's left every week
Are you happy now? i cannot afford it!
Nosey! he snoops around my private stuff
Porno! and sold my stack of magazines

He broke into my well stocked fridge and drank my beer
I can't get really drunk tonight, the stores are closed
Leave now! you drive me nuts, don't want you here
Oh no! he locked the keys in his spacecraft

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