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Data di rilascio : 13/04/2010

Durata : 0:04:02

Stile : Alternative

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I hear strange sounds
In the voices that come from the clowns
Who dressed up as snakes
To fight for their stake in the town

I feel heat, it pounds
On the streets where they fight for the crown
And everyday i pull further away
From the crowd

To the life that lives in my head
But has no feet on the ground

Of the love filled streets where
The passing people smile you down
And all those nice ideas
That don't stick around here

Doesn't that competing bullshit drag you down?
Do the things you're needing
Make the things you're feeling count?
And when you' ve killed every last man standing
Will you look around
To see that your fears
Didn' t go down with the crowd

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