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Stephen Bishop

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Data di rilascio : 14/07/2009

Durata : 0:03:47

Stile : Rock

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Let me tell you 'bout some friends i know
They're kinda crazy but you'll dig the show
They can party till the break of dawn
At delta chi you can't go wrong

Otter, he's the ladies' man
Every girl falls into his hands
Boon and katy playing 'cat and mouse'
And mrs. wormer, she's the queen of the

Animal house, animal house
Animal house, animal house
Animal house, animal house

That pinto, he's a real swell guy
Clorette was jail bait, but he gave her a try
Chip, doug, and greg, they're second to none
They studied under attila the hun

Mr. jennings has got his wig on tight
Flouder's left shoe's always on his right
Babs and mandy having a pillow fight
With day, hoover, otis day and the knights

Do the bluto, come on baby, dance with me
Maybe if we do the bluto
We will get an 'a' in lobotomy

Do the bluto, do the bluto
Do the bluto, do the bluto

Oh, come on, let me tell ya somethin'
Dean wormer tried to shut us down
But he fell and he broke his crown
He didn't know about the delta spunk
He came in handy when we were short a skunk

The animal house, the animal house
The animal house, animal house
Animal house, animal house, animal house

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