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The Vandals

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Data di rilascio : 14/03/2000

Durata : 0:02:04

Stile : Alternative

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Always speak my mind
The truth is what i say
I shout it out in black and white
No smegging shades of gray
You've got to be defiant
That's always what i say
You'll never hear my silence
But that's the price i'll pay
Cause i'm anti-antiseptic
I'm anti-antipasto
I'm anti-anticipation
I'm anti-antichrist
But i'm pro-prophylactic
I'm pro-propane gas
I'm pro-propaganda
I'm anti-antihistamine
I'm anti-antisocial
And i'm pro-antipathy
The future starts tomorrow
With the children of today
They'll never feel your sorrow
They stand right in your way
So take your brain out, have it washed
That's a fact of life
But i don't mean blair or tootie
They'd both make a damn good wife
I'm anti-antidote
I'm anti-antiquate
I'm anti-antifreeze
I'm anti-guitar hero
I'm anti-antimatter
I'm anti-antipersonal
I'm anti-antonym
I'm anti-ann taylor
I'm anti-antibiotic
I'm anti-anticlimax
I'm anti-andrew rigly
I'm anti-anticoagulant
I'm pro-procreatoin
I'm pro-programmable
I'm pro-prohibition
I'm pro-profanity
I'm anti-antitrust
I'm anti-antiknock
I'm anti-antiknock addictive
I'm anti-pro choice
I'm pro-anti choice
I'm pro-propaganda
I'm proctor and gamble

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