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The stars are shining bright tonight
The moonlight is up i feel alive
As i stare at you looking at me
I can see
Our love is still alive
More than what it could ever be...

As time goes by we'll be alive
No matter what we do
We'll still be here
I'll be loving you
No one can say
What we cant do
We are stronger i love you
As time goes by we'll be alive...

The breeze of night is in my eyes
With wind of love flying through the sky
As the force of our love
Pushes in our minds
Everything seems clearly
We are alive...


As time goes by we'll be alive...


As time goes by as time goes by (as time goes by)
As time goes by ohhhhhh
No one can say no cant do what theysay
(no one can do no more)
No one will do we'll be strong that you know
(no one will do no more)


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