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Soldiers Of A Wrong War

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Data di rilascio : 18/01/2011

Durata : 0:03:

Stile : Rock

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I'm falling down
But no one seems to hear me scream
And i cannot find
A way to turn back time and feel alright

It's crashing like a downfall filling all my mind
It won't reveal to me the meaning of my life

Shake me at the end of the day
The demons cling to my knees
And i'm holding to my sheets
But they won't leave me
'till i fade away
Tonight a tear will cross
My face and wipe the ashes of my past

I'll show you how to be when
Fear is living in your skin
Emotions are like raindrops
Everyday they fall upon your sins
I cannot hear the beating heart
That's in my chest
I should remember everything i can't forget
But i can't believe that i won't react
The worst part of this is that you can't

I'm holding it down,
My feet on the ground,
I just wanna tell you that

... i feel blessed i know that i wan't forget

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