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Wynonna Judd

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Verse; a typical sunnydolyn morning a cup of coffee and blue skies leaves swaying green listen to the robins sing not a cloud in the sky concentrate with a humble mind self reflect and ask why ask why. chorus; judge not others but yourself give all and be all love and be loved let all fears step aside your kingdom is inside only when we ask why ask why ask why. verse; knowing teachers who we are look at our thoughts know the person we are self taught teachers from wisdom learned with an open mind understand when we ask why ask way. chorus; repeat bridge; why do we hide when darkness fills our life? we are the teachers of our mind ask why. verse; truth is all there is truth is all we know why then do we hide when darkness fills our life and sicknes abides? we're the teachers of our minds lyook at the sky and ask ask why. chorus; repeat only when we ask ask why only when we ask ask why

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