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Nicki Minaj

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Wobble wobble wobble azz so fat all these bi**hes p***y is throbing bad bi**hes im ya leada phantom by the meter somebody point me to the best azz eater i told him p***y clean i told him p***y sqeaky n*ggas gimme brain cuz all of them n*ggas geeky if he got mandingo than i buy him a dashicky and bust this p***y in the islands of watikiiiiiiiiiii kiss my azz and my anus cuz its finally famous yeah its finallysolved ( yeah its finally) i dont know man gets some azz shots for all n*ggas aint poppin google my azz only tim you on the net is when you google my azz you f**king little whores f**king up my decors couldnt get michael kor if you were f**cking big big sean boy how big is you give me all ya money and gimme your resisawals then slap on my azz

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