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Lil' B

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*a bitch turn that music down bra, we listening to that bitch mob shit bra, go in the other room and tell that lil nigga to turn the music up you feel me*
(verse) damn i'ma tell you what it be, nigga i suck the hoe pussy and i'll lick that bitch for free see that red head girl, ask that girl about me, i only kissed her in the mouth bitch don't talk about lil b'. i'ma tell you like this i"m a sick-as-hoe fuck a hoe in the ass and i'm diggin for tha gold, yes bitch i'm off tha flow bitch you know you too young and i'ma tell you like your mind straight dumb, man tha niggas in the hood swear that, they got bombs man i come from the streets feeling like vietnam. i'm a young o.g. with tha money out the ass fuck what you heard bitch i'ma spend straight cash, think i'm ... not hunna i only paid 30 stacks fuck (basedgod)what you heard bitch and i ate tha hoe ass. and i came out tha water like a loch ness monster nigga chewing on pills bitch you know who did it, and i"m down for tha black (swag) bitch you know who did it and you know its lil b' bitch i flex that honda civic bitch you know i fucked tha hoe ass see me in a good day i might slide through the section

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