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South Border

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It's all comin back to me
That thing is here again
Could it be that it's destiny
Or pure co-incidence
I close my eyes and wonder why
Do i have to feel this feelin again
And now that i open my eyes
I realize that love is here to stay
And now i share my life with you
Provin that love could be true
Givin you all that you need
A perfect love that's so sweet
And now ( i swear/i'm sure)
I'm lovin you the best way i can
Can't believe this is happenin
I thought the fire has gone
Till you took me in your arms
Refilled my life with warmth
So here i find myself again
Unlockin chains of my heart and lettin in
A feelin that i thought had left
And now i welcome love back with open arms
(repeat chorus)
I've felt the pains of love before
Don't wanna feel this anymore
I've locked my heart and tried to live alone
But when you came into my life
You taught me how to love anew
And i am gonna risk it all for you
(repeat chorus)

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