Il testo della Blow wind blow

Alison Moyet

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Data di rilascio : 01/10/2001

Durata : 0:05:46

Stile : Pop

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Don't cry, please don't cry
I will take you somewhere
Where they can't hurt you
I won't let them hurt you now

Let them know that our love knows no shame
And we'll do it time and
Time and time and time again
'til everything comes down

I'm not afraid, i'm not afraid
Blow wind blow, blow dust into
Their eyes and show them that
They have always been blind

Touch me
I want to wrap you in my arms
And you'll have no reason for crying

Blow wind blow
Blow wind blow
Blow dust into their eyes and help them
Realize that they have always been blind

And i could show you something
That you would never believe
You could never conceive the joy
That i could give you

Take me, take me, blow wind blow
Blow wind blow, blow wind blow dust into their eyes
And let them know that nothing that we do will ever
Never be forgotten

Blow wind blow
Blow, blow, blow, blow, blow
Blow wind blow
Blow wind blow

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