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Data di rilascio : 10/08/2004

Durata : 0:03:13

Stile : Children's Music

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I woke up this morning with a smile on my face,
I got dressed, made my bed, and then i picked up the place;
I did what you told me, i didn't whine or cry.
Took a nap, never saw time out, now all i can ask is why.
Why am i being punished? have i been so bad?
I sat down to dinner and this is what i had:
Chorus: boiled okra and spinach, it's dangerous,
Fishy fish with a thousand bones, cooked in asparagus,
I'd rather eat boogers than black-eyed peas,
I'd trade it all for a hamburger, or a pizza with double cheese.
(no anchovies, no pepperonis and no mushrooms;
No black olives or any other rabbit food!)
I've got an idea that's bound to work
You finish the spinach and the black-eyed peas,
Then i'll go get dessert.
Ice cream, or maybe a refrigerated candy bar,
I'd scream with joy for a little piece of cake.
Vegetables are very good for you,
Eat your fish, eat your okra too.
Clean your plate, it's easy, it's just a piece of cake!

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