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Nick Motil

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Data di rilascio : 10/08/2010

Durata : 0:03:51

Stile : Singer/Songwriter

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Your face; that dress i can't seem to get back all you stole of my breath. sweaty hands; weak knees pinching myself, is this really happening to me tunnel vision down the aisle; right past my friends. i'm fixated on your smile; you're my heaven. hold tight to my hand; happy tears in our eyes. this is gonna be (this is gonna be) the ride of our lives. everything was a blur that night under the stars. our friends and family there to see how lucky we are. you're my inspiration, so here's the new song everyone knew was coming, soon as you came along. since you, i've been happy, gotten fatter as well. but love's requited now, darling, you've broken the spell like in all them old movies, for those that buy-in to knights and white horses where the princes are charming.
But here on the plane, i started thinking i wrote this all out, while you were sleeping here on my arm. forehead a kiss. you're my best friend, i crossed your name off of my wishlist. this is how it came out, this is how my note read. from the bottom of my heart, to you, off the top of my head.
So the honeymoon is over, but only literally. 'cause figuratively speaking, this is not how i'm feeling. i can't wait to get you home, with this ring on my hand. says, "you're my everything," and "i'm officially your man." and to all the naysayers, saying love don't exist. it's out there, my friend, my position has switched. i used to be cynical, but you sealed it with a kiss and turned me into the world's happiest hypocrite.
But here on the plane, i started thinking i wrote this all out, while you were sleep

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