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Charli Baltimore

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Game; stop snitchin', stop lyin' dot com / the blair snitch project dot com / charli; slow motion / hoes go on hiatus when i come through / baltimore / high 8ish, plus i'm hard too / dime bitch / call who / 21 plus lookin' 19 in tight jeans / nigga to bust / nigga fuck game / better be me / front & back / left pocket so swoll 'cause ya' ass to lean / put a match to me / gasoline / game, i spits that / any bitch nigga / track what / i rips that / & i can flip back / to that night at the kit kat / when un & jay had they little tif af / forget that / sorry short 'un' lance / i'm just tryna advance / fall back / real niggas keep a gun in they hands / real niggas keep it real / big dicks in they pants / you might be feelin' like a bitch / violatin' you / and? / brush your shoulders / dust shit off / 'till i gets off / ain't over 'till the dick's soft / nah / stops when i kicks off / be redbulls / e pills / never refills / dead sober / red rover / head over / ain't in the business of askin' / i'm expectin' / & that hot shit ya'll rappin' about / bitch i slept in it / dior had the toastas / big was wreckin' it / ain't gotta put our shit on blast / cats acceptin' it / anything i state my name on i'm the best in it / fuck what / want it with chuck / i'm addressin' it / game; can't keep a good bitch down / philly stand up / charli; nigga slide over / my wide body never plays shotgun in that wide body white rover / beef, i'm right over / they slip, i never hesitate / exorcist head / make 'em spin / dick's levitate / bitch i don't seperate thoroughbreds from featherweights / they can get duct taped & trunked if my chedda late / my bread at stake so i ride to the death / blackwallstreet danglin' in between my breast / oh yes / from the home of the ruthless / philly know / where my corner boys throw more bricks than yayo / you know / i ain't talkin' that wack shit he spit / i'm talkin' pack shit niggas re-uped & flipped / so we can skip the motherfuckin' commentary / i put a couple on irv gotti commissary / let's see / robbed my budget for like 1.3 / then got ghost when the feds was on the hunt for me / you just dissed us when bust got locked up on christmas / me & the kids sittin' / you tryna put your dick in / bitch i don't fuck with kitten / that mean pussy / & i ain't tryna kick you when you down / but you pushed me / roll hard / remember down ass chick / you let the whole m.i. fall apart for a snitch / you let my whole project fall apart for a bitch / but i bounce back quick like quarter ounce to bricks

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