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One-eyed Doll

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Data di rilascio : 04/11/2013

Durata : 0:03:35

Stile : Rock

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Sleeping beauty, king of the past,
Dreams like this were made to last,
Open my eyes, to find a path of faith in me.
Horror stories, king of the past,
Nightmares were made to last.
Closeing my eyes, to find a true wakening. (a wakening)

Brief candle burn away,
I will die another day.
Goblins in passage way.
Cannot keep this life at bay

War story
Thing of the past
Soldiers were not made to last
Ears full of gunfire and eyes full of blood
A casualty

Love story
Thing of the past
Innocence was not made to last
All that remains of him is a child inside of me

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