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Finley Quaye

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Data di rilascio : 18/09/2000

Durata : 0:02:52

Stile : Rock

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White leather, mongoose
Any weather, turn it loose
From the shadows, monkey
From the suburbs, catchy catchy

Left my car, slowly slowly
At the bar, softly softly, healthy broadcast
Through the trees and the breeze
With a ninja, subaru

Faith love and charity

No glenn hoddle, no supermodel
No dennis wise with his home and away eyes
No david vine, no john virgo
You love greenpeace, i love green pea

Butter bean and broad bean
Black-eye beans and kidney beans
Mung beans an' runner bean
Be courageous go to barbados
You believe me then you leave me

Me myself we ourselves, green white and gold
Red white and blue, red gold and green
Get protected then get connected
Broadcast ghetto blast
Dig it all, digital, dig it all, digital

Birkenstock's and reebok's
You do detox, you do retox
You don't get no orthodox
So i'll feed you if you're ill
Keep it clean and serene

Train you make you faster
Make you able run your label
Or your station or your money
Or your life, broadcast, true true true

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