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(the game)
Yeh this is killa cali, live as a motherfucker man
Niggaz hoppin of off lax's
Can't wait to see the sunshine, the palm trees, the beautiful woman
I love it man, nineteen years and runnin', this is my home, feel me

(the game)
Y'all must think it's all chips and championships in la
I got niggaz from san diego all the way to the bay
E-40, dre, tash, ras kass
Quik, cube, kurupt, and daz
Big snoop, xzibit, nate dogg, and ren
Too $hort, b-legit, the click, and mack 10
Big solo, kam, cj mack, and wc
Jayo felony, suge knight, the outlawz, and warren g
Knoc'turnal, bad azz, goldie loc, and tray dee
Short khop, big face, mc eiht, and shock g
Ant banks, richie rich, eastwood, and suga free
Bigga figga, b-real, cypress hill, and ice-t
Rick rock, c-bo, battlecat, and crooked i
Yukmouth, sean t, kokane, and big wy
San quan, second ii none, and soopafly
King t, rappin 4-tay, and all from the i
Dru down, e-swift, baco, and technique
Mac mall, dazi bitch, shaq and d.o.c.
Chico and coolwadda, tyrese and kd
Mailman, rbx, shade sheist, and wy v
C & w, chill, hittman, and hi-c
Dj yella, i flow, the ganders, and double d
Boo-yaa t.r.i.b.e., the farock, amg
Ra ra, h.o.p. and butch cassidy
All my fallen soldiers rest in peace
Along wit 2pac, mausberg and eazy-e
Essays, bloods, crips and all the thugs
And all my killa cali niggaz stay given it up uh

Yeah if i left you out man holla at me, my bad it's all love

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