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Sonic Syndicate

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Data di rilascio : 18/05/2007

Durata : 0:03:49

Stile : Alternative

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Cathode rays blast like meteor rain to my brain
Still i'm using all the tools to escape my reality
Forced myself to not sleep, forced myself to not see
That something has survived and you feel it too
Loneliness is a good place to visit but not to stay in
It was the only way to finally break out off the chains

If i was brave enough to fall
I'd find the answers
If i was strong enough to work it out
Would you ever even care?

Returning from my exile with a heart full of emptiness
But i know you won't trespass my brain anymore
Took me time to cleanse it, took me time realize
That i'm sentenced to life and you fear it too

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