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Jeff Beck

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Sneaking kisses in the hall
Parting love notes are on the wall
Been each other's all and all each day
Lovers walking in the rain
So close we felt each other's pain
But now you say that love has died away

'cause we've ended now as lovers
Doesn't mean that we each other can't be friends
'cause we've ended now as lovers
Does our love for one another have to end

I remember teaching you
On piano 'tea for two'
And how playing it wrong i kissed your hand
But when our love has gone and passed
Why does the good exceed the bad
Well that's one thing i'll never understand

'cause i remember us at class
You were always the one to pass
And gave me answers right to see me through
But that was more than years ago
And who will love me i don't know
It's sad for sure but true it won't be you

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