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Look, check this out
This right here is "who the fuck is bob?"
For all my people who are just tunin in
What's happenin? me, you know

I got in the game, two thousand ahhhhh six
Two thousand seven y'know whatever!
It it doesn't really matter
But the fact is that i'm here
I'm right here right now
And you're listening to my great excellent voice
If i do say so my-self!

Rebel rock, grand hustle is in the building
B-rich, what's happening? playboy tre, what's happening?
Tj, what's happening? jim jonsin, what's happening?
Doug, jg, tip, what's happening?
Psc, what's happening? l.a., what's happening?
A-t-l what's happening?
This is b.o.b checking in!!! o-kay?!?!
I don't think you understand me!
This is bobby rrrray checking in
Checkin in on that mixtape from the future
This is a mixtape from da fu-cha!!!!!!

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