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Pierce The Veil

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Data di rilascio : 26/06/2007

Durata : 0:03:4

Stile : Rock

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Like a rush shot through you
Everyone is watching you

Told you why i see no need for the sun
(i've found a reason to say)
A love you light is a love soon gone
If this is it
Don't bother cause this love is a lie
I'm a chemical kid
You're a mechanical bride

(when every vein is red out of the blue)
I held a diamond to the sun
To count the moments on account of the way you
Smile, smile for me
(oh, we're in slow motion when you)
Smile, smile for me

But, oh my god, i've been looking
But i still hold your breath so you won't leave
Pastel-red and porn star-white
Ghost on the altar

We breathe, don't leave

Say that the night sings alone
And if there's a god
Then i'm letting him go
All for you, you alone
Raise my hands
At the thought of you leaving me alone

What if i... what if i...
What if i, i still care?

Don't torture me or beg me
Can you make me believe in tiring?
As you fall fast asleep, it reminds me
Of the slow symphonies behind me
(they sing along)

All the nightmares you'll see tomorrow
All the stars on your ceiling
They glow but not for you
Through the trees, i'll blow

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