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Father Einstein

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Verse 1
People always said to me dont go near mary,
No man can ever melt her heart, no man has the key.
But i knew i could love her
So i set my mind upon her,
I wrote a poem for her.
Crawling up her steps at a turtles pace,
I knocked softly on her door, ready for her embrace.

Come with me mary,
Well build castles in the air, leave behind our cares.
Come with me mary,
Well leave footprints in the snow, kiss under the rose.
Come with me mary, through thick and thin,
Dont you know mary? ill do anything,
I love you mary, i am your man,
Come with me mary, take my hand.

Verse 2
When i handed her the poem she threw it on the floor,
She snarled at me and turned her back, then she slammed the door.
And i thought i could love her,
I vowed never to return,
Another lesson learned.
Mary called the next day, wanting to explain,
Asking for forgiveness, but i was in too much pain.

Repeat poem

Now im getting older, i heard mary passed away,
I went to her funeral and met her sister may.
Turns out mary kept a secret all her life
And now i know why we were never man and wife.

Repeat poem

How could i have known that mary was illiterate?

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