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Royce Da 5'9

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(intro: royce)
Y'all been frontin
Without a ounce of thuggin
You go against me, you too can count for nothin

(royce da 5'9")
I'm the king of the backpackers
This t-bone contact to any wack rapper
It's biometric how i wet ya
My dialect's an entire weapon, it's set to just fire reckless
Blap! like ("one-two") guns swoop
In the same booth the federales tryin to run through
Like, like ("three-four") we raw
Me and vishis tradin like a triple beam seesaw
I'm a veteran, the mac-11 the pump
You could name whoever you want
Wayne... yay... jay
Hahaha, i'm just playin wit 'em...
I keep the ("four-five") on my hip
You take me serious then i might trip
About ("seven-eight") niggaz and die
Feelin some type of way i figure it's pride
I'm the right-on truth
And that's right, i'm even plottin on my own crew
Joey... crooked... ortiz

(chorus: royce da 5'9")
Y'all been frontin (uh-huh)
Without a ounce of thuggin
You go against me, you too can count for nothin
Like ("one, two") like ("three") like
Ha ha, you ("two") can - count for nothin

(royce da 5'9")
(woo!) i'm what choice is to option
Royce to hip-hop is what, mike buffer's voice to boxing
(let's get ready to rumbllllle!) yes, it's a couple dope dealers
Somewhere that got rich livin the shit that i spit (me!)
I don't re-enact nigga, i illuminate
I know every point what i count like a q&a
It ain't a arm when it's tucked in my box
Since it's lindsay lohan, niggaz call me fire crotch
I'm seein clear like a mybot
I drop my coupe, black shoes, black noob saibot
I spit fire like izod, why not
Cause sho' 'nuff i'm glowin like thai mock
And y'all cryin like babies over the net
I should call you niggaz lady gaga
I call, "you and em need to get together
Y'all need each other nickel shady blah blah!"
If i die i'ma leave heat
I'ma leave the sun behind, i'm tryin to repeat
Don't try to ban the drummer
He's an (animal) and you can be a random number, uh (ohh!)


(royce da 5'9")
(ahh) i put the gun to lames
Eeny-miny motown, play the numbers game
Five shots on my block
Is like for once i see like my pops is cyclops
With both eyes i see you got no sides
Bring it to your chippendale neck with the bowties
... all you stand
Grab a bitch ass like "aye," call me oj da juiceman
... i get away with murder
That johnny rocket in my pocket with my favorite burger
I'm tryin to shake it like a polaroid
They said i couldn't do it twice, call me soulja boy
I said


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