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Arch Enemy

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Data di rilascio : 16/09/2014

Durata : 0:03:47

Stile : Heavy Metal

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(music: j. liiva / m. amott; lyrics: j. liiva / m. amott)

Set me free, let me out of here
From these chains to which i am bound
Time was always on your side
While my final hours slipped away

Frustration in their minds
The hatred in their eyes
A new breed will now rise
Damnation's way

Losing my grip on reality
Outside this cage i am struck by paranoia
A paradox to all life's mysteries
A never ending trail to follow:

I am the sinner upon damnation's way
Always deprived of hope, never to see the break of dawn
My life i lived in the shadow of you
The other side now greets me with open arms

(1st lead - christopher)
(2nd lead - michael)

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