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Ahmaad Aspen

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Data di rilascio : 26/12/2013

Durata : 0:03:41

Stile : R&B/Soul

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How bout i move on a streachway
How bout i take to the moon
Can no one here whats ringing
Out in the mids of you

I try to break this in the moon
Let me just go upon the vally
How bout a dance in the moon
Then i'll just take it upon the

Mayflower float i wanna dance
With you.

Can we just go in the moon light
How bout i take my crown
And i just rest upon that bus 69
I wanna dance in the moon with you

I was a happy little school boy
The wind that robs in the moon
I came so far from a distant land
I wanna go out with you.

Let me just dance upon the top
The rupe is singing for you
I don't no what happen
Slayed up my drops

How bout i dance on the moon (yeah)
Let me take you to the mayflower
Lemme go into the vally too
How bout i run upon the tree tops

Girl i'm dancing on the moon
In the night that we cared
We shared a bottle of rum
I took away from the hills

Gir i know what i shared
The music was rushing
I'm on my way i'm on my skill

I'm dancing on the moon
I'm dancing on the moon
I'm dancing on the moon

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