Il testo della De-elite (part 2)

Royce Da 5'9

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Once again relax, it's just music
Niggaz right here, show you how i do
Niggaz right here, show you my crew
Yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah
Yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah

Fuck a team like you, who swing like you
We block shots in the ring lightning
Rock hot rocks kill, get the cream still
Blasphemous mind, ill steal rhyme skill

Nas couldn't rhyme for this, nickel-nine will
I go through, cool out, blow a whole crew
Cool out bro, out-glow a whole jewel
We 'bout to blow up, got your nose up

You could catch a blocka-blocka, try to stop or hold us
And your block a whole bust, live news
Ride through with one girl and five dudes
Best crew in the d, niggaz best move

All you niggaz gun sleep and your vest used
Niggaz bluffin', bore me, nothin' for me
The only overlord me, only glory, you reach
Wake up and smell the aroma, nigga you sleep

The contract is out on the king, nigga you breach
D-elite, jah, cut throat
Billy nix, little, nickle, cha, upmost
Respect dawgs, expect your neck cut rope
The barrel of the swiss, whole tech up close

If the block was any hotter i could start a cult
I was trouble the minute my momma's water broke
You never see the weak, destroy me, i'm focused
I was raised by a postal employee, need i say more?

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