Il testo della Diaspora

Final Outlaw

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Im one of the most focused vocalistas locally known
I been focused since i was sporting oakleys on my dome
Payless sneakers replaced the new jordans we couldnt afford
Summers were never boring, super soakers signaled a war
My sentences are pure, your syntax is poor
Good luck in ever reaching my score, take notes if you see me perform
I dont got no manager damn it i can handle myself
Im sticking rappers back in the shelf, back in amateur hell
Ima true flow-er, the lawn mower, a raw poet
Yall are all slower, sipping at the bar dart throwing
Better start showing humility for i raise humidity
Instantly discrediting your little riddles validity
Syllables to soliloquies, none of it isnt shit to me
This is my symphony, this is me making history
Final outlaw, my name will live in infamy
New york citys my home, god is my energy