Il testo della Disappointment

Frenzal Rhomb

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Data di rilascio : 01/07/1996

Durata : 0:01:36

Stile : Alternative

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I can see the pain in your eyes
It's hard to comprehend your way of life
Don't think i'm a failure at something
I haven't done yet
I'd be like you if i needed to
I know that you want me to be happy
As long as that happiness coincides
With your stylised distortions of my values
And a work ethic that no longer applies
Can't you understand this is our time
It's not a phase we're getting on just fine
It's easier to talk about redemption
Than questionable backwards moral lines
It might just be academic pretensions
Or justifying when to fantasise
Yeah yeah that's right kiddies stick it to the man

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