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The paths that i once tread
Have all but gone.
Only embers now smoulder
Where bridges once burned.
I feel alive and yet i fear
What may happen now.
I know i can't return.

And i hear me say again
'oh let me not return'.
Damn the illusion of redemption
And the hopes that held me here.
I will oppose all that would befall me.
With this rage inside of me
I will defy what i would become.

The solitude and anger
That do battle inside me
Will always guide me to the answers
That i know i may not see.
They are the bonds that hold me tighter.
They are the chains that weigh on me.
One day i know they will be gone.

Can i start again and erase this pain
By casting doubts into the waters,
Asking judgement of the sea.
Though fortune may guide to the fools
I have no wish to be free
Until i am gone.

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