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Da Grym Reefer

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Da grym reefer: (talking)
I be online sometime,
Surfing the internet

(verse 1)
...and it seems like
Every few months
There's an earthquake or tsunami
We're in such a recession
Money's origami
...but we need it still
Cuz we gotta live
And if you got a kid
You feel like something's got to give
Black folks don't know inheritance
What the fuck we've got to give?
Skinny jeans, crack valves
Or fucking morning after pills?
Unpaid bills?
So why should i make out a will?
Can't even pay to put me away
If i get killed

So what you call real
To me is superficial
Money's your motivation?
Well it's my fucking issue
Niggaz will fucking kill you
Over what is in your pockets
Run your jewelry over to the nearest pawn shop
And hock it

Pistols popping more than parties
In my neighborhood
I'd be a fucking fool
For thinking that's it's all good

It's hammer-time
No grammar time
They cocking nines
It'll blow your mind to find out
They as young as nine

Do you know?
And do you care?

Da grym reefer: hook
Naw niggas don't give a fuck
Hell naw!
Niggas don't give a fuck

Da grym reefer: (talking)

Sometimes i pick up a newspaper
And read the local news

(verse 2)
...and it seems like
Every few days in my city
There's a murder
Cold case file
Probably so enormous
It's unheard of
Crabs in a fucking barrel
Starting down the barrel
You eat barrels
And shit bullets
If you go fucking tattle
Eulogy at your sabbatical
I came from a small city with a
Crime rate of a murder capital
So do the mathematical
What all this bullshit adds up to
A sleepy looking ass town
But yeah
We strapped up too
Doing what we have to do
But in some instance
We don't
So since i'm "keeping it real"
I say we do what we want
And i'm just using my skills
To keep it real
And pay the bills
Say what i feel
If it's misspelled
Then who gives a shit?
Cuz i'm staying creative
But you still get the gist of it
In a world of trap niggaz
They call me a lyricist
So to them i'm their nemesis
And that's why i'm infamous
So if you don't know my story by now
That's cause you're not listening



'cos i watch you
Oo every day i watch you pass me by
I'll get you
Yes in the end i'll get you
Just watch me try

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