Il testo della Don't let me go

Billy Squier

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Data di rilascio : 27/08/2010

Durata : 0:05:15

Stile : Rock

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Over and over--wanderin' through the years
Life is a diamond--love is a trail of tears
Sometimes i want you--sometimes i want to fly
I know when i find you
No one can stop me now--break you

Don't let me go--don't let me

Watchin' the seasons--can't let you pass me by
Turnin' the pages--why do we have to lie
You are the reason--yours are the final eyes
And when i hold you
No one can touch me now--break-through

Don't let me go--don't let me

Never wanna say goodbye--never wanna make you cry
Never wanna see you go
Now every time i close my eyes
You're the one who makes me realize

Don't let me go

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