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Ery Lutfi S

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( hook ) i dream big, i always dream big i never look down do it for the fam one time for the kids show 'em how to do it then maybe one day, they can do it and always dream big, never dream small put in that work gotta give it look your all and maybe one day you'll look back on everything that one dream is what got you everything

Verse 1
I dreaming big , just wanna show to everybody
Cause there is so big dream grew up in me
No matter everybody said it's so fail to see
Don't heard that all i just walkin' my career so free
I want to stand , in the crowd , stay strong and fresher
Defeating and fighting my fear , so i clear my future
I'd like to always be true , callin' my baby further
Whenever you call me so 'bitch', it's the only pleasure
My parents kicked my out and i choose to stay here
Leavin' my fuckin school cause i have a fuckin' career
There is no reason to make your another fuckin fear
Leavin' a lunch and i prefer choose some weed and beer
Remembered , everybody said 'never'
But now i done something and say 'ever'
And now everyone know , which the words called ' clever '
Say goodbye and bye , let me write some letters cause i

Back to hook

Verse 2
Crowd come , never worried to take it easy cause i
Go on , i always rappin' everyday
I will get hip everyway , cause i hate school anyway
So i put my lifestyle , let me rappin' and say
I'll never give up , and i could never let my rhyme stop
Listen to every rap music till the speaker change drop
I know it's fucked' up and it could make me be shocked
Don't ever make me get drop if you don't wanna get shot
I feel better than before like more than a rockstar
And always think i will get more than a superstar
Get my dream back , take a blackjack
When i see they comin' with a bad sach
And i hope now this is so great and i hope so this is so shit
I had ever know they will comin' and take a drift
Please take a look take a sit let me call you ' bitch '

Back to hook
Verse 3

Now i'm the only one who had impossible friends
They said 'you were looks so good for now , i like that man '
Show up , i grow up , i can
They saw the story of my life has woke up and begin
But i know , i had a story i feel my fuckin ' sorry '
The time is gone away and now you wanna feel like me
You see my destiny . it's all happened by me
Can you push your fuckin' ass when you see me in the stage with dr. dre
You see me , with money , i see you , with nothin
Now i had fuckin sing , you just get fuckin something
I know you like 'pink' , you looks like can't breathing
Allow me if you want i lead you for a little rapping
It's over , now you feelin' a fuckin fever
Tell a doctor , before you kicked out by fuckin dexter
For lover , attention for you hear this fuckin' slacker
Then you tell this to me and trynna say 'imma fuckin rapper'

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