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Data di rilascio : 12/09/2008

Durata : 0:03:44

Stile : Rock

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Let's go,see the writing on the wall
The city is hot tonight,the temperature's high
I know,there's a place where you can go
The light's shining bright tonight
They light up the sky.

Whenever you're down,lost and lonely
The fever will help you to fight - i know
Whenever you think you're the only
The only one to stand the night.

Eye of the storm,take me away
Show me a place where to rest and to stay
Eye of the storm,your power and your might
Is able to turn every dark into light

Inside,deep inside your heart you feel
The rhythm of strong desire,you're hot for the beat.
Go wild,you know really what you need
The city is ours tonight,dive into the heat.

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