Il testo della Jesus, daddy and you

Howard Rebecca Lynn

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In the back of my mind there's a sweet memory
Of an old front porch swing and daddy singing to me
I can still feel the touch of his callused hands
In my eyes he was the one perfect man
The first of three men i gave my hear to
Jesus,daddy and you

Come sunday morning i knew where i'd be
Between momma and daddy pew number three
Where i put my life in two nail scarred hands
The day that i fell for one more perfect man
The men i have loved had been mighty few
Jesus,daddy and you

There are three kinds of love that everyone needs
I knew that something was missing for me

Then you came along and completed my life
I saw jesus and daddy in yourr loving eyes
I looked up when you put the ring on my hand
And i thanked god for one more perfect man
Three men in my life whose love has been true
Jesus,daddy and you

Three men in my life i gave my heart to
Jesus,daddy and you

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